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New Japanese Technology Transfer

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Nippon trader presents a Business opportunity in manufacturing using a New Japanese Technology. You shall be using this Technology Transfer to develop a Throwing Type Fire Extinguisher.

Fire ExtinguisherWe aim to offer a new Japanese technology that can be developed into a product (as explained below) and offer better option in fighting initial fires. We are authorized technology Partner of this fire extinguisher concept developed by Japanese company. Any body who wants to develop a similar product can contact us for the sole exclusive rights in India and other countries. (click on the following icon to play the video)

Proposed Fire Fighting Tool

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Portable
  • Anyone can use without instruction or training
  • Safe to human body and environment
  • Work sterically
  • Affordable

Features of Proposed Product

  • Unique plastic container is hard to break when squeezed but easily breaks when it hits something solid.
  • Just throw it toward the fire origin.
  • When the container breaks, the liquid inside is sprinkled and the heat from fire changes the liquid to the effective gas.
  • The gas cuts off the supply of oxygen, and cools down the burning object.
The empty plastic Bottle will be supply by me. You will import as it is not available anywhere else yet, as it uses special plastic that works as a glass, It brakes like a glass bottle
Huzaifa (Nippon Trader)

This a first revolutionary throw-type fire extinguisher technology developed and designed to help rescue vulnerable people especially children, the elderly and the disabled from fires. With the latest research and development, we have improved that the product developed with our technical concept, offers to cater for various needs and markets ranging from household, commercial and industrial use. For more information contact me any time via phone on +81-90-1767-8786 or email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How to use

1. Throw directly: Simply throw the ampoule at the fire so that it shatters and the solution is showered over the burning area.

2. Dilute with water: Splash the diluted extinguishing agent at the base of fire. It is very effective to prevent outbreak or spread of fire particularly to adjoining unit or on wide area. The diluted extinguishing agent cannot be preserved for long hours.



What kind of fire i can handle?

This is designed to fight small, contained Class A fire (combustibles) with one ampoule. If small fire turns large, two or three ampoules can be used to double the effect of extinction. It is not intended for use on an out-of-control fire, such as one which has reached the ceiling. In an uncontrollable fire, it can be a very effective tool to help evacuate.

For throw-type fire extinguishers suitable for other classes of fires, please contact us directly for further enquiry.


Can this be used to put out fire caused by short circuit?

When short circuit takes place, the power supply will be cut off. In this case, the fire is burning the combustibles, not electricity. Thus this could be use to put out fire if power supply is de-energized.


Is it safe with the ampoules?

Of course. The ampoule is made of special breakable plastic which does not injure human body. Keep in mind that the ampoule is very fragile and would break even if it falls down from a height of about 1 meter.


Is the chemical used in the products dangerous?

No. It won’t be ignited or exploded. It’s harmless to humans, animal, property and environment.


Support Center

For Any Feedback or query :

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